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If you need air conditioning repair in Brandon, Tampa Bay, or the surrounding areas, call on Protek Roofing, Heating & Air to help! Our team of experts has decades of experience in the industry and will be able to assess your AC unit to determine the problem and provide a solution.

Contact Us Online or at (813) 850-0151 for expert AC Repair Services in the BRandon, FL area today!

Common AC Issues

  • Filter: Having a clogged filter will reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency and can lead to a breakdown. Check your filter every month; if you can’t see through the filter, it’s time to replace it.
  • Compressor: There are a variety of reasons your compressor may not work properly, and if it’s making loud or strange noises, it’s time to investigate.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: If the refrigerant is leaking in your AC, it will not function properly. Signs of a leak include warm air from registers, frozen coils and elevated energy bills.

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above or any additional problems that are not listed, please give us a call, and we will happily look to see what is causing the issue. We will provide you with a solution to completely resolve the issue so you and your family can enjoy cool air again! We’ll also help you look into AC replacement if repair is no longer an option.

Having problems with your air conditioner during the summertime is extremely uncomfortable, and we understand that. We will make our best effort to fix your problem as soon as we can so you and your family can enjoy cool air at your leisure.

If you notice any of these common AC issues, Contact us at (813) 850-0151 today!

What Are Signs You Need AC Repair?

With the Florida heat and humidity, it can get uncomfortable quickly when your air conditioner stops working. While the lack of cool air is a sure sign that something is wrong with your AC unit, there are other warning signs to watch out for.

Contact our team for AC repair in Brandon if you notice any of the following:

  • Rising electricity bills: If your energy bills are getting higher and higher each month, it's not for no reason. It could be an issue with your air conditioner, such as an internal problem, faulty thermostat, or leaking ductwork.
  • Warm air: Your AC is designed to blow cold air. If you feel warm air coming from your vents, first make sure that your thermostat isn't set incorrectly. If it's set to cool, then the problem is with an internal component of your AC and you should call us immediately.
  • Increased humidity: Air conditioners are responsible for regulating the humidity in your home. If you've noticed that your home has been more humid than usual, get in touch with us. Letting the problem linger can be dangerous, as mold tends to grow in humid environments.
  • Low air flow: If you've noticed that your home isn't getting cool enough or you feel that the air flow is lower than normal, it could be that you have a clogged air filter or a broken blower motor. We will perform a thorough inspection to get to the root of the issue.
  • Water or excess moisture around your unit: While condensation around your unit is normal, excess water or moisture is not. If you notice a puddle of water around your unit, it could be that there's a refrigerant leak or a clogged drain tube.
  • Unusual noises: It's normal for your AC unit to make subtle noises as it operates. However, loud banging, moaning, clanking, screeching, etc. are not normal and indicate that something needs to be repaired.
  • Excessive cycling: When you set your thermostat, your AC will cycle on and off to bring the temperature in your home to the desired one set on the thermostat. If you notice that your AC is continuing to cycle or cycles more than usual, something is wrong and needs to be addressed.
  • Foul smells: From burning smells to a musky odor, any strange scents coming from your air conditioner signal that something is wrong.

Why You Should Choose Protek Roofing, Heating & Air

When you choose us for AC repair in Brandon, you get a team of professionals with years of experience, exceptional customer service and high-quality work. We make sure that we take care of our customers.

If your air conditioner is in need of repairs, Contact us online or at (813) 850-0151 Today!

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    Dealing with Anthony and Protek was easily the best customer service experience I’ve ever had. After a short call describing my symptoms, they had somebody out to fix my unit within hours! Anthony’s communication was effective and they made ”

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    “Alex was on time helpful and had information on what could make my system run better! I really appreciate his help and effort in assisting me with my system!”

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