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A New Roof

Why will a New Roof Add Value to My Home? Ask an Expert

When searching for a new home, shiny shingles on the roof will always grab the buyer's attention. A new roof is always a challenging part. With several reasons on the table, you might need to know what exactly works for you and what does not. And to get a clear answer, you have to ask yourself why a new roof will add value to your home?

Renovating your kitchen, bathroom, and lounges will surely escalate your resale value, but upgrading to a new roof will be your unique selling point as far as getting a good impression is concerned. 

How will a new roof add value to my home? Why will a new roof add value to my home? And most importantly, how much will a new roof add value to my home? These are some frequently asked questions, the answers to which should be taken into account by every household member.

4 Important Factors to Consider While Getting a New Roof

Here are some essential factors that you should consider before choosing the new roof.

  1. Longer warranty: Roofs get deteriorated as time flies; some satisfy their listed warranties others are welcomed by natural disasters. With the modifications in technology, the life span of roofs has been elongated. Upgrading to a new roof will give you the ease of peace of mind.
  2. Outstanding appearance: Imagine how your home will appeal to home inspection service when you have broken or missing shingles on your roof. A dead roof will deprive you of an appraisal. Changing your roof will improve the appearance of your house, customers will notice your home more frequently, and there is a good chance that you might get your asking price!
  3. The modern energy-efficient system plays a crucial role: Roofs are not made to curb your home's look only, but they are designed to reduce the effect of sun rays on your house and to make your family members safe from natural calamity. Modern roofs are pretty expensive these days, but the price is worth paying off with the latest features. Modern roofs offer much greater protection from heat; ultimately, they reduce the amount of load on your air conditioning system. That means you will save a handsome amount from your income and will significantly reduce your Billings.
  4. Elevated homes value: The most crucial factor of replacing your old roof with a new one is new roofs will scale your house's cost value. New buyers will not have to spend to fix the broken roof. Homes with roofs provide better insulation, and they can reduce your energy bills to a great extent and who doesn't want to buy a house with low billing costs! So all your investment will pay-0ff by increasing your home's resale value. So that brings us to; how much will a new roof add value to my home?

How much will a new roof add value to my home?

The question of how much will a new roof add value to my home depends upon the variations of roofs. There are different types and sizes of roofs in the market. Roofing materials range from asphalt shingles to slate shingles. Your house value will depend on the types of shingles you use on your roof.

For example, Asphalt shingles are the most used shingles in the market. They have been here for decades and continue to satisfy their users. Asphalt shingles are made of organic fiberglass. They are the most affordable shingles for roofs. 

According to Remodeling magazine, the average cost of installing an asphalt roof is around $22000 (The price includes the labor force)

How much will asphalt roofs add value to my home?

As we mentioned, the national cost of an asphalt roof is around $22000. Asphalt roofs will fill your bank accounts with an astonishing 68% of the ROI (return on investment). The reselling cost of asphalt roofs is around $15000

If you plan for a much more durable and better energy-efficient roofing system, you should try a metal shingles roof. Although metal shingle roofs are expensive than asphalt, they will become an important factor for increasing your overall house reselling cost. With a much more durable design, these brilliant roofs can stand harsh weather conditions. 

If you live in a zone of storm formation, then installing a metal roof will give you an excellent appraisal and add value to your home after all-new house owners would not like to compromise on their safety! 

How much will metal roofs add value to my home?

The total job is done at an average cost of around $38000 as per remodeling magazine, and its average selling cost lies around $23000. So if you plan to install a metal roof, you will receive around %60 as ROI.

Furthermore, slate and tile shingles are much more appealing and durable than metal and asphalt shingles, but these all features are backed up by a higher cost.

The more sugar you add, the better will be the result!

Don't overhear the crying of your roof!

Getting along with a new roof is a valuable option to escalate your property selling price, but it requires a significant amount of money.

You should perform time to time roof maintenance to make it free of any damages. Check if there are any leakages or some of your shingles might be missing, or you might be getting sand granules in your line.

These symptoms are not easily visible, and that's why many homeowners overlook them. But they can severely degrade your roof's selling cost, and ultimately your house selling cost will be reduced.


Changing your roof or installing a roof on your home with drastically update the cost of your home. Replacing roofs is not an easy game. It requires professionalism and work experience; make sure that you call for a professional roof-changing service. That will cost you some bucks, but you will have a masterpiece of work. We hope that a new roof adding value to my home is no longer a problem for you.